Outdoor naked paint fight Pip Caulfield and Fabien Jacq shower off before jerking their big uncut dicks

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Belami says: Today’s scene starts with the sexy young dudes Pip Caulfield and Fabien Jacq, who are posing with their soft uncut dicks outdoors with Fabien embracing Pip.

Fabien reaches around and plants a sweet kiss on Pip’s cheek. The boys stand opposite each other comparing dick sizes, which when soft it appears that Pip’s is the larger.

With his hand, dipped in the body paint, Fabien rubs his hand across Pip’s bare chest leaving a streak of red paint.

Pip gets Fabien back by planting two colorful handprints on Fabien’s ass cheeks.

Then they splash paint on each other getting completely covered from head to foot.

The sexy boys then shower off under a garden hose pipe until all the paint is gone.

Then once again indoors the two naked studs jerk their now fully erect uncut cocks until they both blow their loads.

One final kiss before the boys head off to the shower as they both pat each other’s hot bubble asses.

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Watch FULL MOVIE here!

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