Straight young hunk Hunter Hay’s strips naked and jerks his huge uncut cock

English Lads says: Straight lad Hunter Hay is a good looking lad, if this electrician came round to your house to fix your wiring you’d be tempted to make a pass.

He’s smiley, flirty and open, but up until now he hasn’t been wanked by a guy, and he’s got a great uncut cock to wank.

He strips off and shows off his nice body, mostly smooth, this lad starts getting massaged and when his boxers get pulled off his cock hardens and he seems to enjoy getting wanked by a guy, his uncut dick stands to attention. read more

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Jasper Hale jerks his huge uncut cock to a cheeky boy cum shot

English Lads says: Jasper Hale is a young man with a hairy body and cheeky personality. He seems a hint shy when fully dressed, but as his shirt comes off and his boxers let us see his uncut cock, he suddenly rises up and smiles more, shows off his erection and just can’t seem to handle his glorious uncut cock enough.

Jasper has lovely hairy legs and when you shows us his hole you can enjoy that fuzz round his hole and he seems to be enjoying showing it.

He knows how to wank and he knows how to ride the crest of the wave and before long he is unloading a nice load of cum over himself. read more

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Ryan Ledson finally tops his solo with a cum shot across Joel Jenkins that is the top ten massive orgasms

English Lads says: Ryan Ledson went quiet after his first shoot and he wasn’t that keen on doing anything but a solo, but he gave into my requests to come and have a relaxing massage and who better than cheeky Joel Jenkins to show Ryan how we do massages.

Ryan lies back and confesses Joel is pretty good with his hands, though before he knows it Ryan is on his front and his hole is being shown off.

For a relative newbie himself Joel knows how to work it and does a great job and judging by how hard Ryan’s cock gets I think he enjoyed it a little. read more

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Oli Hall Gets and English Lads

Oli was a little nervous at the beginning of the shoot, though knowing his brother had done a similar shoot before him seemed to help him on! Once in his boxers he gets a good body massage and thoroughly enjoys the deep tissue massage; off come his boxers and unusually for Oli he is soft! Some teasy massage and accidental knocking of his uncut cock soon sees it grow to a very solid piece of cock! He lets Zack rub oil on it and says he is just enjoying his hands free wank! A great shoot where you get to see all sorts of things, including some foot wanking and after all the teasing Oli lies back and unloads. Watch Oli Hall FULL EXPOSURE here! read more

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Sneak Peek sexy straight young man Aaron Kent jerks his 7.5 inch uncut dick

English Lads says: Aaron Kent is a young straight lad, a really keen footballer, he plays lots of sports and it shows in his body – naturally lean, but great definition too, he’s a tall lad too.

He has quite a lot of tattoos and facial hair he has a light stubbly chest. Aaron has an easy grin – and seems happy to take suggestions so when I suggest that he gets out of his underwear and plays with his large uncut cock, he happily obliges.

He shows off his body as he wanks tugging himself off, and also showing off his hole. He lays back on the sofa to cum, shooting over his fingers then runs downstairs for a shower. read more

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Joe Heron

English Lads says: Joe Heron was introduced to us by his mate – and member favourite – Cameron, and we asked him along to see if he can follow Cameron’s footsteps! He’s a confident and good looking guy, with an easy smile. At 6ft 4in he’s one of the taller guys on the site, and inevitably when he got in front of us we wanted to know if he was in proportion or not!

See Joe Heron fully exposed here!

Before we get to see, he shows off his super-lean body, Joe is naturally very toned, and his abs are really defined. Joe is a bit cheeky, and when we ask him to change into his speedos he’s clearly already getting hard just from the attention of the camera, and it only needs a drop of baby oil and its pointing straight towards the ceiling, and he’s not shy in letting a guy rub the baby oil in! read more

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Sneak Peak Leigh Clarke

Note: Sneak preview of latest English lads updates. Only a few low res photos (for now) to give you a taster we will post the full set when they are released by English Lads.

English Lads says: Leigh Clarke has a nice lean body, and likes to show it off. Leigh agreed to play with a dildo but we wanted to push him a bit further. Then out came the whole toy selection.

See Leigh Clarke fully exposed here!

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Young straight dude Jamie McGrath strips and shows off his hairy chest as he jerks his huge uncut dick to a massive orgasm

English Lads says: Jamie McGrath is a young straight man, builder by day, boxer by night and all that activity has created a fine athletic body with a sprinkling of hair in all the right places.

As he drops his jeans there is a nice shapely bulge in his boxers and what a great uncut cock, Jamie hangs long when soft and when his cock grows he has a fine erection, one of those cocks of steel that stands up high and hard and pretty chunky.

Quite a handful Jamie shows off his cock real well and doesn’t disappoint when he shows his hole, it slightly hairy and not so much as a girlfriends finger having been up it. read more

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Jack Windsor pushes his 8 inch uncut dick deep into Logan Hardy’s straight boy ass

English Lads says: Logan Hardy has done a few shoots for us now, he’s a great looking guy, solid muscle, broad shoulders, handsome face, and a really thick uncut cock.

However he’s done a couple of shoots now where he’s the one who gets fucked, and he seems to be settling well into that role. So we’ve paired him up with Jack Windsor, so that Logan gets a chance to take a really big long uncut cock.

The sun was shining strong, so the lads are on the roof garden, stripping down, and both look hot in more ways than one. Its not long until Logan is bent over, getting his ass lubed. He’s getting less and less shy with each shoot. read more

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Young British boxer Rufus Fitzroy strips nude showing off his amazing torso and abs as he wanks his huge uncut cock

English Lads says: Rufus Fitzroy is a young lad into boxing, and keeping fit in general. His body is incredibly lean but strong, this handsome guy has the most amazing torso and abs, not a drop of body fat on him.

He’s handsome, with short hair and some strong stubble and an overall tan which shows of his body well. He gets hard really quick and he allows his uncut cock to get measured, it points straight up.

He plays with it, also showing his tight hole while he wanks, before his balls and abs tighten and he unloads his balls all over himself, a huge mess. read more

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Young playful straight muscle pup Rufus Fitzroy plays with Joel Jenkins’ big uncut cock

English Lads says: Gorgeous ripped young straight British dude Rufus Fitzroy gets a body massage ending in a happy ending cock massage all the way until he cums. Joel Jenkins returns the favor shooting a huge cum load across his abs.

See young playful straight muscle pup Rufus Fitzroy plays with Joel Jenkins’ big uncut cock here!


See young playful straight muscle pup Rufus Fitzroy plays with Joel Jenkins’ big uncut cock here!


All the English Lads updates right here! read more

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Straight sexy young dude Myles Renton strips down to his tight undies wanking his huge uncut dick

English Lads says: Myles Renton is a young, straight footballer with an enormous uncut cock and, lucky for us, he enjoys showing it off.

In his first video for English Lads, Myles does a great job of showing off his hairy athletic body, very hairy legs and one big hairy bush.

Even soft his cock and balls are massive, and it doesn’t take long before Myles is stroking his uncut one to a rock-solid, huge, throbbing erection.

Myles treats us to lots of bum show, so we get a good look at his hairy, tight hole. read more

Straight young ripped British dudes Tyler Hirst and Aiden Walsh jerking their hard uncut cocks

English Lads says: It has taken some time for Aiden Walsh to be comfortable with the idea his cock is going to get sucked, he seems pretty open to ideas, but at the end of the day it’s a different thing agreeing to something to actually doing it.

He was a little cautious today, though his cock is soon lovely and hard and Aiden has one massive uncut cock, so when its aroused you can’t miss it.

Aiden has some fun, he is wanked off by Tyler Hirst and he wanks Tyler and the lads do some great mutual wanking and then Tyler sucks Aiden’s great big uncut cock! It’s quite the mouthful and Tyler does a great job at sucking Aiden’s massive cock, it’s not just long, but fat and chunky! After all the sucking and mutual wanking both lads lie back and unload their cum! read more

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Sneak Peek Liam Burlington jerks his 7 inch uncut cock

English Lads says: Liam Burlington is a footballer with strong legs and at nearly 6’4 he stands tall with a toned and lean body. He is not long 18 and is full of confidence and plays on the same team as Niall who modeled for us a few months ago.

Liam decided to give it a go and what a confident young man he is; the less he has on the cheekier he becomes and he really enjoys showing off his body. Once naked you can enjoy his full bush and lovely long uncut cock, which when erect is a pretty impressive 7 inch weapon. read more

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Cameron Donald grabs ahold and sucks on straight stud John Anderson’s huge uncut cock

English Lads says: Another young straight lad who did his first shoot over a year ago and he recently came back and wow did he make it worth our while.

He came back to do a massage shoot, but there isn’t much massaging going on, except of cocks.

John Anderson does a great job at getting his cock massaged and how hard his uncut erection, he loves it being handled for the first time by a guy.

So loving the wanking he lets Cameron Donald grab hold and suck it and John loves it his uncut cock just gets harder and harder. read more

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George Long shows us his ass hole before wanking himself to orgasm shooting a massive thick load all over his body

English Lads says: George Long is lean and sporty young guy, he has a bit of facial hair on his handsome face, and a some hair on his legs, but he has a smooth chest and fit body.

He soon relaxes in front of the camera and his uncut dick gets hard, it is an incredibly thick cock, when he takes the camera and films himself wanking from above, you really see what a handful it is.

He shows us his hole, before laying on his back and bringing himself to orgasm, balls tightening and shooting a massive thick load all over his body, cum shower. read more

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Jenson Shaw’s uncut penis comes out of his boxers and its immediately rock hard

English Lads says: Jenson Shaw is a young man with a toned physique largely from all the sports and boxing training since he is quite the demon in the ring and as we can see he is quite as flash on set, especially when stood naked with his monster uncut erection stood proud.

His uncut penis comes out of his boxers and its immediately rock hard, Jenson is easy to arouse and his erection stands up high and tall with a beautiful 8 inches of meat, pulsing to the beat of his heart.

Jenson enjoys showing off his body, its hair free, except his legs and a little fuzz round that hole. read more

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Gay English boy Lewis Hampton’s huge cock fucks gay boy Chris Little’s tight asshole

English Lads says: Lewis Hampton did a shoot for our sister website and since this young man is gay we knew he wouldn’t mind if in his second shoot he goes straight to a fucking scene; who better to welcome him into EL than naughty Chris Little who cant wait to get Lewis’s big cock up his ass.

Slightly forgetting he is fucking a straight boy Lewis slams his uncut cock a little too enthusiastically into Chris, though his cock is rock hard all shoot so I think he enjoyed the rougher than usual fuck. Judging how much Chris cums he had a great time and amazingly Lewis cums even more. He is a new model who can cum for England. read more

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Sneak Peek Jack Windsor and Max Henderson mutual wanking and big uncut dick sucking

English Lads says: Max Henderson came on quite a journey in this, only his second shoot. Today he has Jack Windsor to deal with and his boundaries certainly get tested as Jack is soon looking into Max’s boxers and making jokes. Boxers off Jack is down blowing Max and after getting Max very aroused he challenges him to play with his cock.

Before you know it Max is wanking off Jack and its not long before he has Jack in his mouth! Max comes on a great journey, letting Jack wank and suck him and then returning the favor. Don’t you love it when straight men just have fun, knowing they are straight, but happy on camera to take us on a journey. read more

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Sneak Peek Joel Shaw

English Lads says: A couple of years have gone by and Joel Shaw has grown into a young man from his very boyish looks when he was 18. Today he shows off his body which has a great tan since he has spent the summer abroad working.

He is as relaxed as usual, slightly mischievous and as always real horny. So nothing has changed with him, except he looks a couple of years older.

He shows off his cock, which now looks slightly thicker, was always nice and long and today he lets us see lots of hole.

He moves around and treats us to that slightly hairy hole in a bunch of great positions before he lies back and does a trademark Joel; he blows a real big load over himself. This horny young straight pup hasn’t changed. Gorgeous young man. read more

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Straight English lad Paul Jones jerks his 7.5 inch uncut cock

English Lads says: Paul Jones is a tall hunk of a rugby player with a great physique that is really hairy. His muscles are nicely rounded and he is pretty ripped, has real hairy legs and chest and pretty much everywhere, even with an impressive bush.

When Paul drops his boxers you can enjoy his uncut cock, he plays with his foreskin and gets a nice semi, wow this cock grows and wait till you see it full erect. He has an impressive erection, his uncut cock is both long and chunky, one meaty cock.

He is not shy about his body so you can enjoy lots of hairy hole before he lies back and dumps many impressive squirts of cum all over his hairy chest and abs. Wow, thank you Paul for showing off your great body. read more

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English Lads straight rugby player Louis Barker jerks his big uncut dick to a huge jizz load

English Lads says: Louis Barker a young man who plays a lot of sports, he lifts a lot of weights and he plays rugby and has of those large muscular bodies from years of playing sport. One of these models who is a little awkward in his clothes, get him naked and his cock in hand and he is real confident and clearly loves showing off to us on camera.

He also likes to wear his foreskin backwards even when soft he constantly pulls it back, but it always seems to do the opposite. Louis has one of those uncut cocks that gets real hard and points skywards, when he shows his hole surrounded by a light fuzz he stays real hard. read more

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Tyler Hirst and Stewart Hammond

English Lads says: Stewart Hammond our laid back personal trainer is matched with our other fitness enthusiast Royal Marine Tyler Hirst and these two straight young studs are soon kissing and hands in each others boxers feeling each other up; boxers down, cocks up and Stewart is soon gobbling down on Tyler’s very stiff uncut meat.

Not wanting to fail at a challenge, Tyler soon shows he not only looks good with a cock in his mouth but he also has a pretty mean tongue action! A little foreplay later and Tyler is soon stuffing his erection up Stewart’s hole; seconds later Tyler is pumping good and hard before they switch and Stewart rides it good and Tyler pumps it hard. read more

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Briley Hall

English Lads says: Young man, Briley Hall started off posing in his boxing kit at Fit Young Men is looking at about his physical peak and after teasing his big uncut cock and showing his hole, he gushes an impressive load.

See Briley Hall fully exposed here!

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Liam Burlington strips downs to his socks and sexy underwear before jerking his huge uncut dick

English Lads says: Liam Burlington is a confident young footballer, not long turned eighteen he is one of those models that steers the shoot, just by being Liam and the way he answers, just a hint of cockiness that makes him stand out from the crowd.

He knows how to work a camera, he does lots of these subtle little things with his eyes and hands and generally most of his body as once he sees you acknowledge these things he plays up more.

All his football has given his a great body, this lad is really tall and once naked you can enjoy that long uncut cock that spends most of its time rock hard. read more

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Young naked boxer Justin McGregor strips naked and jerks his big uncut cock to a huge jizz orgasm

English Lads says: Justin McGregor is a really sexy young man, confident and outgoing, this guy is great to look at and he makes the most of it. He’s got a winning smile, longish blond hair, stubble and smooth body. He used to be into boxing, and still keeps incredibly fit, his chest is well defined, and has solid legs, and his cock is solid from moment go.

Thick, long and uncut, its a beautiful sight. He wanks sexily for us, showing off his defined body, cock rock solid throughout, until he lays back on the bed and shoots all over himself, and what a huge load. He covers his abs and gets right up to his nipples. Hot. read more

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Harvey Jones wanks his huge uncut cock till he shoots a big load of cum all over his tight abs

English Lads says: Harvey Jones is a young straight footballer with a cheeky side. He takes the gym seriously and is looking extremely ripped and muscular for it and today Harvey appears in his first video showing off his fit body and big uncut cock.

Before he gets his kit off, Harvey demonstrates some of his gym routines to give us a good view of his bulging muscles.

After, with a little help from his footballer friends, Harvey soon has his uncut cock out and starts pumping it to a rock-solid erection! He then decides to repeat his workout only this time naked. read more

Sexy young straight dude Joey Foxton strips naked and wanks his huge uncut cock

English Lads says: Young lad Joey Foxton is a handsome straight guy, cute face, lean fit body, and keen for a bit of showing off.

His dark hair and wide smile make him a really attractive guy, he starts taking his clothes off and quickly reveals a big uncut cock, he starts wanking it, getting rock hard and showing off his fit aroused body, even flipping on to all fours, showing his hole, and tugging his uncut cock from underneath.

Then he rolls on to his back, his balls tighten and he shoots, and its a massive load. Splattering right up to his chest and running down his abs. read more

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Straight young man Ralph Clifford gets his big uncut cock sucked by Jack Windsor

English Lads says: Ralph Clifford is a young straight man who kept telling me he couldn’t let another lad touch his cock, so luckily today we came up with a plan.

Jack Windsor gave him a massage, it turned out Ralph is a little ticklish and so distracting him by tickling stopped him worrying about the impending helping hand.

In the end he was quite relaxed and Ralph got nice and hard. When Jack teased him about a blow job, Ralph wasn’t sure what to say and before he knew it he had agreed to not only his first manhandling but also his first man blow job. read more

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Cameron Donald and Kevin Wilson

English Lads says: Straight, hairy and slim young pup Kevin Wilson is put through his paces by muscular straight stud Cameron Donald who helps and pushes Kevin into a half decent workout. Before you know it they are both naked and Cameron puts Kevin across his knee and gives his bare butt a good spanking.

Looking at Kevin’s cock he gets a little aroused; think he likes a bit of discipline. The lads are soon messing with each others uncut cocks which are soon hard and Kevin drops to his knees and tentatively he licks Cameron’s erection before giving it a good blow job. read more

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Sexy straight dude Jack Harper suck the cock fellow str8 hunk Liam Cullen’s big uncut cock

English Lads says: Both Liam Cullen and Jack Harper have their boundaries pushed in this shoot, Liam is newer to the adventures, and gets his rock hard uncut cock both wanked and sucked by a guy, and tries his hand at wanking another lad too.

Jack gets his mouth around a lads hard cock for the first time and takes to it well. These two guys are both very fit, lean and sporty, both handsome, they’re relaxed in each other’s company and cocks are solid as they explore each other, before laying back and making a sticky mess! read more

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Jack Windsor’s willing hole get a right good pounding by Chris Little’s big uncut cock

English Lads says: A warm day, some sunshine and two horny straight men; Chris Little has been fucked by Jack Windsor a while back, so this is his return match and today he takes his job pretty serious.

Some great moments from tenderness of the kissing to great cock sucking and Jack gets fucked in some novel positions and judging by Jack’s uncut cock remaining rock hard throughout then Chris did a pretty good job.

Watch Jack’s willing hole get a right good pounding before he unloads and then gets squirted on by Chris he squirts loads of cum all over Jack. Well done guys. read more

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Sneak Peek James Adams is hung with this massive uncut cock that hangs down nearly 6 inches when soft

English Lads says: James Adams is a young man who played loads of rugby in his teens and injured his leg, so turned his hand to helping others and became a personal trainer.

The result is this young man is a bundle of muscles with great definition and with an outgoing and confident personality can you ask for much more.

Well in James’ case you get more, he is not only athletic and flirty, but he is hung with this massive uncut cock that hangs down nearly 6 inches when soft and wait to he gets his uncut cock erect, he has a beauty, both long and thick his cock rises to over 8 inches and is quite a handful. read more

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Straight young stud Thomas Parks jerks his 7 inch uncut dick to a massive cum shot

English Lads says: The first time I met Thomas Parks I thought he was a little bit shy, but what I soon realised is he is just a little cautious and once you get to know him, he cant wait to get his kit off and loves showing his body.

What a great physique, he is tall, toned, muscular and everything is just so solid and his cock follows the trend, his uncut cock is soon rock hard and pointing skywards.

Thomas is real flirty and enjoys the journey he takes us on, one fabulous straight lad with a smooth body and slightly hairy hole, he is soon lying back and shoots loads of cum all over his abs. read more

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Blue eyed boy Tim Riley jerks his 8 inch cock

Blue eyed boy Tim Riley jerks his 8 inch cock

English Lads says: Tim Riley is a tall young man from north west England with bright blue eyes, a cheeky smile and as he looses his clothes an ability to make your jaw drop open. We shoot many lads with great bodies, Tim scores well on that front, down to his boxers you are allured by a bulge, is it a small sticky out one or something more.

Watch blue eyed boy Tim Riley jerking his 8 inch cock FULL VIDEO!

Well there is something more and something more; Tim is blessed with a long soft one that looks as thick as his wrist, he plays a little and it grows, he plays a little more and it grows some more, this is one hell of a tool Tim is over 8 inches long and its nearly 7 inches round, that is one solid thick piece of meat that when aroused sticks straight up with that rocket like quality. read more

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Horny straight dudes Rich Wills and Jack Harper wank their big uncut dicks to a massive load of hot boy cum

English Lads says: Rich Wills was always a very popular model on the site, and he’s back now a few years on, and he’s a very masculine guy, with a great body and of course his handsome features.

We’ve asked him to be in a shoot with Jack Harper, handsome, lean and smooth, these guys look good together.

They’re stripped off before you know it, and soon Rich’s hard cock is in Jack’s hand, thick and solid, Jack wanks him, and Rich looks really relaxed about it, wanking Jack’s in return. read more

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Hairy straight hunk Jonas Webber jerks his big uncut cock to a massive orgasm

English Lads says: Jonas Webber is a young man who plays a lot of football and MMA and he one of those lean and toned body that has a nice cover of fuzz.

This is one hairy lad and he seems slightly shy when in his clothes, though get him naked and all hints of shyness disappear and he loves playing with his uncut cock which when erect is well over 7 inches.

His uncut cock looks great when erect and it stands up high and points to the sky, Jonas loves wanking his cock and he does a great job at showing off all of his body and his very hairy hole. read more

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