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English Lads says: Bestie straight friends Jack Stewart and Marco Braid manage to put on quite a show, having seen each other nude before their horseplay sporting around was a whole lot of fun. They had never actually seen each other wholly naked, erect and wanking. They quickly get used to this new situation.

They both enjoy getting naked and they do a great job at showing off their lean and toned bodies. Jack and Marco are both smooth and have similar uncut cock’s Jack’s is a touch longer, whereas Marco’s is all the more thicker. read more

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English Lads says: Joe Appleton is a young man with a physical job as a builder and in the evening he runs and plays football and as a result he is lean and ripped and has one of those uncut cocks that stands straight up.

He is relaxed about showing off his body and enjoys being naked, watch him show off and tease us, Joe puts on a great show and look at his cum shot.

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English Lads says: James Harrison is back to show off his skills at pumping his hole; it’s a hot day in London and James is soon naked sliding up his favourite purple dildo; it’s a tight fit and he starts off real slow and takes some time to get his breath back.

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English Lads says: Gorgeous ripped young straight British dude Rufus Fitzroy gets a body massage ending in a happy ending cock massage all the way until he cums. Joel Jenkins returns the favor shooting a huge cum load across his abs.

See young playful straight muscle pup Rufus Fitzroy plays with Joel Jenkins’ big uncut cock here!


See young playful straight muscle pup Rufus Fitzroy plays with Joel Jenkins’ big uncut cock here!


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English Lads says: Joe Burleigh is very new to modelling, he was a slim teenager and a couple of years ago he started going to the gym and changed his slim body to those nice proportions you see today.

Along the way of growing his body he also decided to have a few tattoos and a sprinkling of piercings.

Joe loves being naked and once his uncut cock is out he cant resist a fiddle and its soon rock hard, Joe goes rock solid, like a rocket ready to launch.

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English Lads says: Dominic Moore is getting a reputation for relaxing the straight lads, and gets to play with them too, what a great deal.

Hunter Hay is a good looking lad, handsome, a few tattoos and a big uncut dick, Dominic wastes no time in getting unclothed with him and handling and massaging him to get him hard.

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English Lads says: Lewis Connell is a young man, still in his teens and this solid piece of muscle trains hard at the gym and playing loads of football and his body show the results. Every muscle is perfectly toned and his uncut cock loves being on camera and spends nearly all the shoot rock solid.

Lewis loves showing off his body and he didn’t need any encouragement to show off his muscles and was pretty relaxed about showing off his hole, which is well hairy.

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English Lads says: Young ripped straight muscle pups Dominic Moore and Hunter Hay wank each others big uncut cocks. These straight boys have no qualms about getting their filthy mitts on each others’ rock hard dicks. Let’s see how far they will go in the coming weeks. Lovely straight boy cum spraying everywhere, keep up the good work boys.

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English Lads says: These two straight men have worked together a few times and last time Casey Lee fucked Ricky Hampton’s hole and kept protecting his own cherry. It has taken a long time to get him to give it up and today he does it in style. He doesn’t just let Ricky fuck him, he allows Ricky to assault his cherry and assault it again!

Casey gets a dam good fucking and he seems to enjoy and hate the pleasure and pain and getting a cock up his ass that is almost a hint too big! Ricky’s cock is big, long and thick and he enjoys pounding it in and out, in and out and in and out of Casey! The only right response is a bit of cum; though Casey delivers cum, cum, cum and lots more cum! Well done lads, this is why we love straight men! read more

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English Lads says: Both Liam Cullen and Jack Harper have their boundaries pushed in this shoot, Liam is newer to the adventures, and gets his rock hard uncut cock both wanked and sucked by a guy, and tries his hand at wanking another lad too.

Jack gets his mouth around a lads hard cock for the first time and takes to it well. These two guys are both very fit, lean and sporty, both handsome, they’re relaxed in each other’s company and cocks are solid as they explore each other, before laying back and making a sticky mess! read more

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English Lads says: Lachlan Scott is one of these young men who comes to life as his clothes come off, there is no doubting his love of tattoos and I suspect its not going to be long before he has a lot more.

He is almost shy in his clothes but as they come off he gets more and more engaged and once his hand is on his cock he really comes to life. One of those models with an uncut cock that sticks straight up and once hard stays hard.

He plays and wanks and shows off his hairy hole and after lots of wanking he lies back and shoots cum over his shoulder. I think Lachlan has found himself a new part time career. read more

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English Lads says: Young pup Barclay Graham is back to have his cock sucked and it all ends up with him also sucking some cock.

Barclay is pretty dam hung, his cock is not only long at just over 8 inches, but it is also real think and Casey Lee has a job getting it all in his mouth, though he gives it a good go.

The lads are having a great time and in the end Barclay decided to not only get his first man blow but also suck his first cock. Both lads do a great job and they wank off each other to cum shot, well done lads we love straight men up for fun. read more

Jack Harper and Liam Cullen straight guys sucking cocks and wanking for the first time

English Lads says: This is one of those shoots where both models are on an adventure and straight lad Jack Harper suck his first cock and Liam Cullen wanks his first cock and gets his first man blow.

Two confident straight men who have no issues playing on camera; their uncut cocks get nice and hard and they enjoy wanking off each other and for his first time Jack does a great job at sucking cock.

Liam is also happy to get a blow job from a man for the first time and looks great with a both his and Jack’s cock in his hands. read more

Both Ryan Kent and Dominic Moore strip down to their sexy undies then he gets his first man wank

English Lads says: Ryan Kent has proved that he’s happy to have his boundaries pushed so today we’ve paired him with handsome cheeky ‘up for it’ lad Dominic Moore.

Ryan is a handsome guy, tanned and toned, he has a stunning six pack. Dominic naturally can’t keep his hands off him and quickly strips off Ryan, the guys are fondling each others bulges before you know it, and boxers come off to reveal two hardening cocks.

Dominic is hung like a horse and Ryan seems happy to grab and wank it. The two show off each others bodies, bums and cocks, and seem very relaxed messing around together. read more

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English Lads says: Ronan Lyle is a young man who knew one of our other models and wanted to earn some holiday money and he is one of these young men who doesn’t care if he is clothes or naked.

He is pretty cocky in his clothes and as they come off he gains even more confidence.

He loves being naked and he has a really big cock at least 8 inches and it spends much of the shoot hard.

Ronan has an unusual talent and today you can see his amazing skill at sucking cock.

A great shoot with a cocky young man who shoots a massive load of cum. read more

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English Lads says: Harry Mallinder is a tall muscular young man, solidly built with a massive upper body and solid legs, he’s played lots of sports and worked as a PT.

He’s handsome and got a smooth body, and when he takes off his clothes you can see how impressive his physique is, not to mention his cock.

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Chris Little’s tight little ass fucked hard by Casey Lee’ big black uncut dick

English Lads says: Casey Lee has come a long way in a very short space of time, he is back for a shoot with naughty Chris Little who does his best to get Casey to bend a little more and come in for a kiss.

He tries really hard, and in the end has to put up with a great hand job from Casey, who is lovely and hard today, his uncut cock rising up as Chris wanks him off. It’s not long before he is lubing up Chris, his ass is soon pumped by a dildo before Chris sits down on it.

When you see Chris sitting on Casey you realise how big a cock he has, Chris is spiked and hardly able to move! Once used to it, he is soon riding like a mad thing, Chris loves a hard fuck and Casey does a great job. read more

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English Lads says: Ryan Kent is a lean fit footballer, handsome and tanned this lad was initially a bit tentative about having another guy play with him, but he relaxes in to the shoot well, pulling down his trousers and getting on to the bed in just his underwear, the baby oil goes on and the massage begins without any complaints.

The underwear comes off and you can see his pert bum, and when he flips over, his uncut cock gets slowly bigger and harder as it gets played with, Ryan films some of it and is clearly enjoying the fun! He gets rock hard and wanks himself too, then shows off his ass, before being finished off, wanked until he squirts. read more

Strapping 6’2 straight hunk Harry Mallinder drops his undies to his ankles and jerks his thick 7.5 inch uncut dick

English Lads says: Harry Mallinder is a young man who has played many sports and works as a personal trainer; at 18 years old he had been going to the gym a little and then he started to grow, all natural eating well and exercising both at the gym and playing quite a few sports.

Harry has a strong body at over 6’2 he is a big lad and he is lucky to have an uncut cock to match his shoulders.

As soon as his uncut cock comes out it goes up and there it stays, Harry gets erect really easily and loves playing with his cock. He shows off his hole and then sits back and shoots a pretty impressive load. read more

Six foot young ripped muscle hunk Barclay Graham has a lovely long uncut cock which he jerks to abandon

English Lads says: Barclay Graham did a shoot for our sister website and received some great feedback and enjoyed himself so much he decided to do some more modelling.

He loves showing off his body and what a great body; he is over 6’3 and really lean with nice muscle size and as he sheds his clothes you can enjoy that other eye catcher.

He has a lovely long uncut cock that hangs long when soft and stands up straight and even bigger when erect. His erection is amazing it stands up rock hard and doesn’t move. read more

Once he gets naked Brendan Howard wanks his huge uncut cock to a massive load of hot boy cum

English Lads says: Brendan Howard is good friends with fellow model Casey Lee and both lads have discovered they enjoy showing off on camera. Both have great physiques and work out together and it’s not uncommon for them to fuck girls together.

Today Brendan shows us his ripped body, he is a pretty good boxer and his body is so solid and ripped, every bit is rock hard.

Once he is naked he loves playing with his uncut cock, in fact he can’t leave it alone and he has one of those great uncut willies that goes from normal size to a real big long and fat cock that you can’t help admire. read more

Straight lads Tom Lawson and Rich Wills rub each others bulges then wank their big uncut cocks

English Lads says: For this video we’ve paired the hunk Tom Lawson with handsome fit lad Rich Wills, two good looking straight lads up for a bit of naughty fun.

The muscles on these guys are quite something, Tom really shows off his, his hairy abs tighten, and he flexes his biceps for Rich to feel.

The lads rub each others bulges then get out their big uncut cocks, each wanking the others, two pieces of thick uncut meat, they even rub their dicks up against each other, then pull back their legs and show off their holes. read more

Henry Kane is the one undressing Dominic Moore and soon has his hands on Dom’s big uncut cock which is soon rock hard and throbbing

English Lads says: Henry Kane is back for some more full on action, after a few shoots with his cousin we thought who better to push his boundaries than cheeky young pup Dominic Moore.

The shoot was planned as a massage, but as you can see Henry is the one undressing Dominic and soon has his hands on Dom’s big uncut cock, which, as usual is soon rock hard and throbbing.

The lads are great fun together, they wank each other off, show each other’s bums and Dominic lies back and shoots a large load of cum. read more

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English Lads says: Caeden Pearce is a young lad with a naughty edge, he’s smooth, cheeky and loves to play with his ass! Today we’ve got him on the bed with a selection of toys, he’s determined to try them all.

He strips out of his sports kit, his big uncut cock gets hard and he wanks, and then he pushes in the first toy, it obviously feels good and he pumps it in and out of him as he carries on wanking, filming some of it himself.

He switches between dildos, pushing them deep into himself, imagining he’s been fucked hard I’m sure. He pumps them and brings himself to cumming, unloading all over his abs. read more

Young handsome straight dude Noah Milton drops his sexy undies and jerks his huge uncut cock to a massive cum explosion

English Lads says: Noah Milton is new to modelling and was recommended to us by his best friend, who is yet to model for us, though he does a walk on part in Noah’s shoot and feels his mates hard abs narrowly avoiding Noah’s rock hard uncut cock.

Noah gets hard real easy and once his cock is in his hand it goes erect pretty fast and sticks straight up like a missile. This straight lad with a lean and toned body has a great tan, just his butt is pure white and his hole is surrounded by a real fuzz. read more

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English Lads says: These two good looking lads Sam Kendel and Jarvis Knight are huge fun to shoot, both very relaxed about having no clothes on and showing off their bodies, and both were cool with wanking another guy, so I paired them together, and they do really well.

They are both athletic guys, great definition, strong bodies and handsome faces, they strip off and soon get their hands around each other’s hardening cocks, wanking their uncut ones and filming it themselves, they sword fight and show off their bums, and then lay back and finish themselves off, their uncut dicks shooting a nice thick load each. read more

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English Lads says: It has taken some time for Aiden Walsh to be comfortable with the idea his cock is going to get sucked, he seems pretty open to ideas, but at the end of the day it’s a different thing agreeing to something to actually doing it.

He was a little cautious today, though his cock is soon lovely and hard and Aiden has one massive uncut cock, so when its aroused you can’t miss it.

Aiden has some fun, he is wanked off by Tyler Hirst and he wanks Tyler and the lads do some great mutual wanking and then Tyler sucks Aiden’s great big uncut cock! It’s quite the mouthful and Tyler does a great job at sucking Aiden’s massive cock, it’s not just long, but fat and chunky! After all the sucking and mutual wanking both lads lie back and unload their cum! read more

Straight young British man Eddie Branson and Dominic Moore wanks each others’ big uncut cocks

English Lads says: Straight man Eddie Branson is a muscular guy, extremely handsome he is tall and extremely solidly built, blond hair, muscular upper body, thick legs.

When he shows off his physique to cute lad Dominic, I can’t help but think Dominic Moore is a little excited about this pairing.

The guys have their hands all over each other, grabbing their bulges, the lads are soon naked and lying next to each other, two big uncut cocks being wanked by each other.

They horny guys even sit on each other and press their dicks together, enjoying the body contact, before flipping over and showing off their asses. read more

Straight dudes wanking Sam Kendel is shocked when Jarvis Knight grabs ahold of his huge uncut cock

English Lads says: I thought both these lads Sam Kendel (FitYoungMen) and Jarvis Knight (FitYoungMen) were really confident in their shoots and they enjoyed being naked so I thought I would properly push their boundaries and they both agreed to wank a guy for the first time and what great job they did.

Sam was certainly the most shocked when he first got man handled and when he wanked Jarvis for the first time he went into a fit of hysterics.

Both lads did a great job and managed to keep each other really hard, though Jarvis seems to only have on setting on his cock and that is rock solid! Well done lads. read more

Young straight male stripper Will Fletcher strips naked and jerks his huge uncut cock

English Lads says: Will Fletcher is a stripper and likes nothing more than to rid himself of clothes and show off his body, perfect.

He’s confident and outgoing, has a well defined muscular body, strong chest and arms and thick strong legs.

His cock is long and hardens quickly in his hands, he plays with it proudly and rightly so, he looks really sexy, and he knows how to tease with his body, cock and showing off his bum too.

He brings himself to orgasm and his long dick fires a thick load of spunk over his abs. read more

Hot young ripped straight Englishman Javier Rodiguez wanks his huge uncut dick

English Lads says: Javier Rodiguez is a young man with a great body, having spent years wrestling combined with working hard at the gym he has one of these broad set bodies with great definition.

He is very happy being naked and enjoys playing with his uncut cock, its soon hard and pointing skywards. Javier does a great job at showing off his smooth body, except his hole which is a little hairy.

Lots of teasy wanking later and he is sitting and shooting a nice load of cum, watching his face tells you his enjoyment levels. read more

Hot straight guy Tyler Hirst massages and sucks Jasper Hale’s big uncut cock

English Lads says: Straight lad Jasper Hale is back for some playing and today he is taken on quite the journey with Tyler. Not only does Jasper get his first man wank, but Tyler Hirst pushes him and gives him a great blow job.

Jasper doesn’t seem to mind and his cock gets lovely and hard and doesn’t seem to go soft at all in the shoot. Jasper then is bent over and Tyler pulls his cheeks apart so his hole gets a right good showing and spanking.

After all this playing Jasper lies back and shoots a nice load of cum over himself, squirt after squirt. Did someone enjoy themselves. read more

Two straight lads Rich Wills and Joel Jenkins wanking each others big uncut cocks and shooting so much cum

English Lads says: Two straight lads with big uncut cocks wanking each other and shooting so much cum, do I need say any more.

Rich Wills is getting back into the swing of things and his uncut cock rises up to its full 9 inch potential especially when Joel Jenkins’s big uncut cock is in his hand.

Rich is a little bit longer, Joel is thicker and both are equally hard. The lads show each other how well they can wank two cocks and show their almost hair free holes.

With lots of wanking later Rich and Joel lie back and Joel shoots a big load on his abs, though Rich goes one better and shoots his cum over his shoulder. read more

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English Lads says: The naughty cousins are back again and Jerry Manson is experimenting again with his cousin Henry helping out a little with props and cameras.

The two straight lads are now very relaxed about being naked in front of each other, Jerry is naked in no time, and Henry plays with Jerry’s cock even if it is by using carrots as tongs.

Jerry pulls back his legs and lubes up some root veg, and pushes it slowly into himself, he gets hard and is soon wanking his uncut cock while gently fucking his own hole with the carrot. read more

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English Lads says: Both Chris Little and Ricky Hampton have done many shoots and this is the first time they have been together and what a hot fucking results.

Chris tries real hard to get Ricky to kiss, but he doesn’t win, though the kissing would have been over shadowed by the fucking.

Ricky pumps and slams into Chris with his massive 8 inches of uncut meat and doesn’t let Chris escape.

Ricky pumps Chris in a load of positions and fucks his hole real hard.

Although there was some foreplay and both lads did a great job sucking off each other, but of them just wanted to get to the action, Ricky wanting to prove he was going to give Chris the best fuck he had ever had. read more

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English Lads says: Rufus Fitzroy was last seen getting a relaxing massage and he did a great job lying back and letting a man give him first man wank, so today he goes one step further and lets straight lad Jack Harper wank him and returns the favour wanking off Jack.

The lads do a great job playing with each other’s hard uncut cocks and lots of fun is had with several round of cock fighting.

The lads show off their holes, Rufus is nearly pure smooth and Jack shows his right hairy ringlets.

The lads lie down and unload their cum. Well done Rufus you did a great job playing with your first cock. read more

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English Lads says: This is James Pendleton’s first shoot and he comes straight in with a duo, this cheeky straight lad has a muscular body and he seems to do more than a few firsts today.

He comes to the shoot happy to have his uncut cock wanked and in the hands of Jack Windsor he seems to do a lot more.

Jack soon has James’s cock in his mouth and then the lads kiss and before you know it James is sucking Jack.

Love is when straight lads come in and throw caution to the wind and enjoy themselves in such a way. read more

Horny straight dudes Rich Wills and Jack Harper wank their big uncut dicks to a massive load of hot boy cum

English Lads says: Rich Wills was always a very popular model on the site, and he’s back now a few years on, and he’s a very masculine guy, with a great body and of course his handsome features.

We’ve asked him to be in a shoot with Jack Harper, handsome, lean and smooth, these guys look good together.

They’re stripped off before you know it, and soon Rich’s hard cock is in Jack’s hand, thick and solid, Jack wanks him, and Rich looks really relaxed about it, wanking Jack’s in return. read more