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CzechHunter says: Sexy straight car mechanic strips out of his overalls then I fuck his virgin hole at CzechHunter 705 I went to a neighboring repair shop since my automobile required a few little repairs. There was just one mechanic inside, but it was a pleasant and comfortable space. Although he wasn’t particularly elderly, the man seemed knowledgeable enough to handle my wheels. He was filthy, sweaty, and half-naked, and that really excited me. When I urged the guy to take down his pants, he nearly punched me in the face. I just went for my pocket to quiet him down. Then I could see his enormous cock in its entirety. As soon as I began to stroke it, it become rather substantial. Even wonderful was sucking that filthy and greasy cock. My new mechanic gave me a wonderful blowjob and was also quite skilled with a cock. I wanted that big man to take my hot boner at this point. For him, I would give anything. Before that stiff virgin allowed me to put it inside, we had to perform a lot of stretching.

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