Tattooed muscled stepdad Markus Kage’s huge dick raw fucks young stepson Edward Terrant’s tight boy hole

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Dad Creep says: Tattooed muscled stepdad Markus Kage needs to have a serious chat with his stepson Edward Terrant so he knocks on his bedroom door and enters.

“Sorry son but your mom and me are going to get a divorce,” says Markus.

Edward is clearly upset and he lies down on the bed as Markus massages his smooth young body.

Edward is feeling horny and he’s not going to miss the opportunity to show the old man his appreciation.

He gets on top and pushes Markus down on the bed as he undoes the buttons on his shirt revealing his hairy chest and ripped abs.

As he unzips Markus’ pants he sees that his big uncut dick is already rock hard and pumping.

Edward gets his lips around his cock head and sucks it to the back of his throat.

Markus picks up the young stud with both hands and lifts him up so that his cock is in line with the young dude’s asshole.

He slips his hard erect cock deep into Edward’s young hole, making him moan with pleasure.

They swop positions a number of times with Markus getting his big dick deeper into Edwards hot hole.

Edward can hardly hold off and he orgasms shooting his hot jizz all over himself. Markus continues the hardcore bareback fucking until he’s ready to blow.

He pulls out and showers them both with his hot cum.

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Watch FULL MOVIE here!

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