Hottie straight young muscle stud Island Studs Dorian strips wanking his huge 8 inch dick

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Island Studs says: Tall Big Dick Dorian is a ripped, 8-inch All American Air Force Veteran & now a Happy Portland Hipster with a tight 8-pack of ripped ab muscles, perfect furry pecs, and belly, and bright white Oregon ass, covered in dark brown butt hair.

Dorian strokes his beautiful throbbing 8-inch belly slapper and plays with his shaved low-hanging balls sitting spread eagle on a blue exercise ball, performs sits up and a full gym workout, lifting weights fully nude with a rock-hard boner.

He takes a powerful piss with a full erection into a bucket, sits down for a long heavy breathing jerk-off session, tugs on his heavy balls repeatedly, lets out a loud moan as he shoots explosive loads of man juice straight up in the air.

It lands in one pile of thick man goo between his sexy big bare hairy feet, before taking a sexy shower, grabbing his hairy ass cheeks and spreading them wide open revealing his pink hairy virgin man hole for the first time on camera.

Big Dick Dorian will seduce you with his handsome face, sparkling eyes, radiant smile and tall lean and ripped yummy slightly furry body. Polite and confident and educated.

Delightful Dorian, 27, a tall 6’2″, 170 lbs, is happy to share so many personal private stories for the first time on video.

His exciting 4 years in the US Air Force Special Operations working with drones in Las Vegas, his love for scuba diving, the meanings, often humorous, of his tattoos and when he learned he had a Big Dick at the age of 22 from a girlfriend.

I loved being in the Air Force, and Special Operations was great.” he states with his radiant Dapper Dorian smile, proudly pointing to his Air Force Tattoo.

Happy Dorian is simply always smiling. He is so excited to be modeling naked and jerking off for the first time on video.

Horny Dorian, can’t seem to take his hand off his throbbing 8-inch monster.

It is rare to witness a fully erect fat and heavy 8 inch Cock stand UP at attention.

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Watch FULL MOVIE here!

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