Gay wrestling Pierre brings Brian Ty to the floor then fucks his hot ass at Pierre Fitch

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Gay wrestling Pierre brings Brian Ty to the floor then fucks his hot ass

Pierre Fitch says: Wrestling is quite possibly the most “hands on” sport out there. You have two hot studs with big muscles and spandex groping and feeling each other until one of them is pinned to the floor for ten seconds and is declared the winner so it’s no wonder that Pierre loves to do it.

The only thing that seems to be missing is the two wrestlers putting their dicks in each other’s asses, but that was a non-issue for Pierre and his hot bottom wrestling partner, Brian.


After they tested each other’s strength by rolling around on the floor for a couple minutes, Pierre achieved the dominance and promptly poked his dick inside Brian’s welcoming mouth. That of course led to Pierre stripping off Brian’s tight spandex and plowing his hole to his liking as he was pinned to the floor.


After it was all over and Brian was drenched in sperm, Pierre was declared the victor and chimed in that it was “the best wrestling match” he’s ever had.








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