Trystan Bull and Marko Lebeau

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Trystan Bull says: Sometimes you just need live life a little. That’s exactly why Trystan Bull is relaxing next to a cool pond, where his friend Marko Lebeau is dipping his feet.

It’s a warm day with a slight breeze, and Trystan is soaking up plenty of rays. When Marko returns from the water, he offers to rub some sun block on Trystan’s deliciously chiseled body.

But when Marko notices something fattening up in Trystan’s bathing shorts, he decides to offer a different kind of rub. You probably guessed it, Marko is pulling out Trystan’s hard cock and slurping it down.

Witness Marko enjoying that big, thick meaty cock as Trystan basks and relaxes. Then Marko’s having Trystan stick his round, plump ass out for a taste of his sweet hole.

See Marko lick and jerk from behind while these two enjoy the warm, outdoor environment. This is a summer suck session that’ll keep you warm all year long. Get this video at Trystan Bull!

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