Tall 6’3″ Emilio take his 8 inch out of his underwear and jerks it till he explodes spraying cum all over himself

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Island Studs says: Tall 6’3″ hung hapa Hawaiian surfer boy Emilio is back, showing off his a tight all-natural smooth tan boy-body, nice bush of dark Asian Hawaiian dick hair, big ball sack and a big thick ‘always’ hard 8 inch towering belly slapper.

He strokes his big fat Hawaiian boner sticking out of his grey boxer briefs, takes a long piss in the garden, stands jerking his throbbing red cock with a Hawaiian Flower Lei wrapped around his erection like a cock ring and one dangling around his sexy neck.

Emilio skinny drips in the pool fully nude like a dolphin underwater all caught on film, floats on a pool raft in the sun, grabs his sweet ass cheeks with both hands and spreads them wide open, 3 times, revealing his pink smooth virgin surfer butt hole.

He sits in a chair outside jerking is Big Fat Dick once again wearing a Lei around his throbber and fingers his hole, before shooting an explosive load of cum at the camera. He orgasms on the lawn between his big tan bare-feet while wearing a Hawaiian Lei around his neck and a finger planted up his ass, before taking a ‘Hawaiian Shower” outside with the garden hose.

We follow this super Horny Hung Hapa Hawaiian surfer twink UNDERWATER as he plays, jerks and swims like a fish and shows his hole all while holding his breath under water. This is Emilio’s very first time jerking off solo on camera and his sweet friendly personality and anal cum shot will excite you. This video is even more hot then Emilio’s first sexy outdoor duo with his Hung Hapa Hawaiian Surf Bro Maka.

If you missed the pounding HOT Duo Action of Maka & Emilio playing, laughing, sweating and stroking their massive cocks together, join today to see it all the unedited action! Tall, friendly Emilio, 20, a towering 6’3″, 175lbs exudes the welcoming Aloha Spirit of Hawaii.

A true Hapa, this happy friendly Hawaiian local is half Filipino and half Swiss, Irish & German American. He can be found working at a beach shop by the ocean selling swimsuits and beach gear to tourists.

Image walking into a seaside beach store to be greeted by naked Emilio and his winning Aloha personality wearing nothing but a Hawaiian Lei around his perfect cock. Emilio arrives for the shoot wearing a “Star Wars” T- shirt and a baseball cap covering his shaggy head hair. A big Star Wars Fan: listen to him talk about his favorite “Star Wars” episodes.

He gets and spontaneous boner while still wearing his pants as soon as we turn the cameras on him! Watch as he pulls his thick hard throbbing 8 inch cock out of his underwear at the beginning of the film and starts to stroke it in the garden.

This Horny Happy Hawaiian lad, with the radiant smile, is hard during most of this new jerk off video. fat dick Emilio, then strips out of his boxers, still fully hard and picks up 2 Hawaiian Leis and wraps one around his huge cock and balls and places the other around his smooth neck.

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Huge Dick Gay Porn Guy
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