Sexy apprentice priest Noah White’s hole fucked by fathers Adam Snow and Matthew Figata’s huge dicks

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Masonic Boys says: Horny priests Adam Snow and Matthew Figata’s big cocks fucking young apprentice Noah White at Masonic Boys.

Apprentice White has been on my mind since our meeting. I know the youngster is extraordinary and will succeed. Master Snow spotted this possibility for The Order. After tasting young Apprentice White’s smooth, attractive skin, I understood why Snow felt unduly connected to him.

Master Snow was frantic to supervise the boy’s progress, but I am the more senior Master and I am not done with this Apprentice. For these reasons, Master Snow needed to see him surrendering to me, so I made sure he was at the covenant rite. Apprentice White’s ambition to serve a more powerful Master overcame any remaining sentiments for Master Snow. Me.

As he crept inside the chamber, the Apprentice was subservient. I asked him to wash my feet as usual. I’m glad Apprentice White took seriously this ancient rite of pleasure and service. He removed my slippers and socks and gently rubbed the damp towel over my foot.

I stood him up and carefully touched his bare body. He shivered in anticipation. I removed my suit jacket and unfastened his ceremonial robe ribbons. The youngster was nude when the white, pleated cloth fell. I stepped behind him and gently ran my hands up and down his body, feeling the goosebumps on his upper arms and pushing my fully-clothed chest into his back arch.

The youngster was aware of Master Snow but concentrated on me, not looking back.

My dick throbbed inside my tight suit trousers. After seeing her exquisite ass, my huge fella was bound to escape. I told Noah to kneel and unbuttoned my shirt and tie. He knelt but realised I expected him to act. He nervously stroked my trousers bulge with his palm.

I unbuttoned my shirt and peered into his eyes as I drew down my trousers zipper, pulling his wandering hands back towards my dick, which he pulled through my clothes and sucked. I forgot how fantastic that boy’s lips felt exploring my forbidden fruit. He’s a great deep-throated—presumably trained by Master Snow. Noah had me panting and gasping like a junkie throughout important routines. I worried whether his innocent, ice-blue eyes were making me addicted.

I shoved the lad onto the bed and forced his legs over his shoulders to get my tongue into his tight hole. I told Master Snow to grasp the boy’s legs. It humiliated my competition for this boy’s love. Master Snow instantly performed as told, smiling wickedly at Noah’s delighted face. I spotted the lad staring up at his previous Master and found it intriguing. Confusion and strife were healthy for the young Apprentice.

My tongue worked the Apprentice’s hole forever. I wanted it full of saliva so my dick could slip in. As I pushed inside him, his body shook. I quickly established a pleasing rhythm before fucking the youngster with considerable power while Master Snow held the legs. I stared smugly into Master Snow’s eyes, realising how handsome he is. As I drove my enormous dick inside the child, his hat was rubbing on Master Snow’s balls, causing him to tent impressively in his suit trousers.

I went into a push-up posture and proceeded to hammer the lad, knowing that every muscle in my body was strained and flexing, savouring the feeling of my dick entering Apprentice White’s tight hole and Master Snow’s eyes digging lustfully into mine. The youngster howled in horror. I held my fellow Master’s eyes whenever I could.

I fucked the boy harder and harder as my pores gushed perspiration. The Apprentice tenderly kissed Master Snow’s trousers. I couldn’t stop thinking about Master Snow seducing the apprentice.

I withdrew out and flipped the youngster onto all fours, re-inserting my swelling dick. Master Snow bowed to Noah. As I fucked, Master Snow touched the boy with limitless love.

Later, they kissed passionately. This great gentleness contrasted with my aggressively beating the youngster. Contradiction delighted me.

Apprentice White grabbed his dick and furiously jerked himself while staring at Master Snow. I had to accept that the boy’s body was mine but his heart and intellect were not. After seeing their enthusiasm, fighting it would have been ridiculous.

I closed my eyes and pounded harder, knowing Apprentice White was jerking harder. I opened my eyes again and watched Master Snow close his hand around the boy’s throat, exhibiting his ultimate strength and enhancing Apprentice White’s delight.

Finally, I discharged my semen deep into the boy’s intestines before pulling out. The Apprentice wanted to remain and play with Master Snow, but The Order doesn’t allow that. The Apprentice cannot choose. Master Snow rose with a nod. We gently left the room, leaving the child to his thoughts and my semen slowly oozing from his hole.

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