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See Dean wouldn’t stop his bitching so we duct taped his mouth shut here!

See Dean wouldn’t stop his bitching so we duct taped his mouth shut here!

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Czech Hunter 329

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Fit Young Men stats: Jamie Schols – Lifeguard – Toned and Taned Lifeguard Jamie is Armed with a big Weapon, Age: 19 years old / Height: 5’9″ / Chest: 38″ / Waist: 30″ / Weight: 70kg / Straight.

See UK Lifeguard Jamie Schols strips out of his sexy speedos and jerks his big uncut cock here!

See UK Lifeguard Jamie Schols strips out of his sexy speedos and jerks his big uncut cock here!

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Men.com says: Arad Winwin and his girlfriend are hoping to lock down her dream home when Wesley Woods comes knocking to collect debt payments that are way past due. Thinking quickly on his feet, Arad suggests another form of payment that Wesley is happy to accept as a substitution.

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Staxus says: It’s a formula that’s almost as old as porn itself, but there’s still no denying that the notion of a medical inspection that turns into something way more intimate and probing than would ever be the case in reality still holds real traction, not least of all when the characters involved are as utterly desirable as Johnathan Strake and Boris Lang.

Add in the military slant to proceedings and you have all the makings of a real classic.

Strake is the young whippersnapper of a soldier whose arse is about to get solidly plundered, Lang the inquisitive medic who just can’t wait to give his patient a very thorough prostate examination; and odds are that you’ll be straining in the crotch long before all professionalism between this handsome pairing is promptly dispatched to one side. read more

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Icon Male says: Stepdad Dolf Dietrich and sexy teen Troy Accola steal away to a hotel to escape problems at home with Troy’s dad, and Troy confesses that he’s always had a secret crush on the hung older man he now calls Dad.

With no one around to witness their sin, the two indulge in a forbidden tryst and finally explore each other’s hot, hard cocks and tight assholes.

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Lucky for us, he opened up pretty quickly in front of the camera, and got quite comfortable when he started rubbing his big dick for us. I guess that’s all it takes sometimes.

We’re definitely not mad at that.

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